What Are You Going To Do?

26th March 2011,
8:30-9:30pm local time

I'm going to switch off lights, PC and electricity. 
I'll lit up the room with candless and spend time in the shimmering light and will enjoy the silence with my family and will pray for more beautiful thoughts in minds of people. 

I hope that many people around the world will think about our planet, at least during this one special hour of the year, but it would be the best if they keep on thinking about it during whole year. :)

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bublina bublina
18-21, F
5 Responses Mar 26, 2011

hahaha. i know only 2-3 words soooo.. :D

never miiiind, it's about fun! *wink* will play some day... (and it'll be more difficult for me, sicnce it won't be in my mother-tongue!) :P

hehehehe, we played Scrabble for more than 1 hour in darkness. :P


beautiful :)