This Is My Promise to Ep

I just wanted to say that Im grateful for all of my friends i have on here.  I recently was on here and things just didnt go well. So i decided to leave and delete that account mistakes were made on both my part and others and i just didnt want things to be on that level anymore so i decided to just start over and enjoy the site for what its meant to be.  Now that ive gotten back to the basics,  I met some amazing people which most of them i have back on this account (( Im a lucky girl))  and ive met some wonderful people this time around.  Ive seen alot of drama on here and Ive realized that is not why i joined nor why i enjoy being on here with you all. Ive also realized that this is an example of the concept EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.  If i hadnt deleted that account i wouldnt have met the people that have found me on this one, when i did.  I also still have the ones who truly were my friend before back in my life.  Ive learned that life is about appreciatiing the people in your life.  That is what im declaring to you all right here and now. 

I promise to just be myself and love you all unconditionally and just enjoy whatever level of friendship we develop together on here.  Im truly just happy to be here with you.  Ive enjoyed this time around on a different level that has shown me exactly what will mean the most to me in the long run.

Real friends are hard to come by so lets all just be ourselves and enjoy the friends we were meant to be connected to on various levels.  I love this site now and im very happy to have met the people who have taught me the true meaning of freindship.

hugs and kisses to you all and thank you for all your love for me.

31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I for one am glad you are here dear!!!! :-)

thank you for those kind words and i agree with you there are some of the most amazing people ive ever talked to in my life right here in our ep world.

I loved what you had to say. I am so very glad that I found this community where you can be yourself and meet people who share your interests and have had similar life experiences. I am grateful for everyone who has joined my friends circle and invited me into theirs. There are some very terriffic and complex people here, and I thank each one of you.