Oh, How I Wish!

I once admitted to my wife that I would like to wear panties and she let me wear one pair of hers for a few hours.  Since then I cant mention it.  I think it really freaked her out.  How I wish she would have enjoyed it or at least been OK enough with it to continue to help me with my desire.  Now I only do it in private.

I am so lonely.

Missundrstood Missundrstood
41-45, M
3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Just get your clothes. Shame your wife won't join & support you about dressing. Can be a BIG turn-on for her. Maybe she will let you do this once a month and make a home date of it. Could be fun. Just have to ask her. Good luck and best wishes.

since her paties fit, buy the ones you like to "give to her" that way you have them when ever you want them...

I'm sorry for you.