How Not to Abuse My Power

I laugh and flirt with this man on a daily basis, in nfact he makes me happy on a daily basis. In work he recipricates everything that I do, but I only do it in front of others so therefore so does he. On our own I am always professional and discuss his problems and his development. I am to scared to let him know that its real for me and that I think about him night and day. He makes me feel 15 again! I know I hold the position of power and dont want to make him feel uncomfortable, I would hate to lose him as a member of staff as he is a top member of the team. I dont know if he behaves as I do because he feels the same or if he thinks its all just fun, and I cant approach him about it in case it f***s everything up. He makes me feel protected and I feel that if I jumped of a cliff with him he would make sure he landed first so that he could protect me from harm. He respects and admires me so much and I dont want to ruin that for me, or for him. And I dont want him to say yes to me just because im his boss. You have any ideas anyone?

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3 Responses Oct 2, 2009

give subtle hints see his respond

I'm the male subordinate that would love for my female boss to come on to me, but i think we are both scared so nothing happens. i do wish that something would happen though.

You need to let him know and start working towards to see if he feels the same and take it from there may be he is waiting to hear from horses mouth bec you are his boss and he is affraid to take the first step, help him out to make this easy, <br />
<br />
Go out with him some time and try to see how does he will reply to you,<br />
<br />
I hope this will help