I Hate My Mom

it started in freaking 2nd grade she begin the physical abuse.It moved on from there telling me she tried to get rid of me when i came along.She kept on with the mental abuse with the physical.Im fourteen and she just yesterday after fourteen years of the silent torture told me she gave up on me is sending me away to boarding school telling me im adopted that she never wanted me.Kicked me out of the house and im currently am living with my best friend till i can get a job my best friends mom knows about the torture she is going to take me in no one ever knew about my story i lived in a house that wasnt my home i was scared to live their ive been cutting to try and get rid of the pain it kills me i always just smile and act like nothing is wrong put up a front and it was a mask i wore so no one could see how much i was suffering and they all beileved it to except my bestfriend see has stoped me from killind myself several times but being away from that evil person not fit to be called a mother is like ive been liberated from this chains that wieghed me down i used to be scared to come home that she was going to beat me for any little bad thing i did and i am a kid still i make mistakes so it was her fault im as messed up as i am anorexic because she called me fat all the time but now every one i am on the road to recovery wish me luck and i will be sharing as my life gets better. in the mean time ily all and share your story it helps alot
kittyface22702 kittyface22702
13-15, F
Sep 18, 2012