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I am a pretty emotional person especailly being a pisces. I tend to have feelings for guys i'm seeing quickly, i feel i notice special things about everyone that make them who they are and I love those things about people. But unfortunatly i am also the girl that seems to get stepped on, taken advantage of and brutally hurt. So i learned long ago to keep how i feel inside to not tell the person i'm dating how i feel about them and what i adore about who they are. IN the long run it saves my heart from breaking as bad. And then i live with if i had said how i felt would it have changed things or would it just have made me feel even more like a idiot for falling yet again for another one who probably won't think twice about me.

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1 Response May 7, 2009

It's a strange thing i guess. I too sometimes fall too quickly and have a tendency to also throw myself out there. Although it hurts when you are rejected, i see it as a way to eliminate potential partners in your life. If they don't feel the same, it's OK. You can't force anyone to love you. But then, also, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be! Even if it happens years later. I've learnt to pick myself when i got shot. I just move on and find the next guy. <br />
Never keep feelings to yourself because that is worst thing you can do. You can always tell them how you feel gently. I remember one time i literally blurted out "I LOVE YOU" to a guy and he just laughed! lol but then another time i was like "i have a lot of feelings for you" and it worked so much better. <br />
Never give up and don't feel bad for caring about people. If no-one realizes how lucky they are for having a nice girl care so much about them then they honestly don't deserve you! *BIG HUGS*