Oh I Hate That Guy!

Rib on my yard sale is a pet peeve...

I'm just gonna give you those glass plates you grubbed up for free now cause no one wants your rib residue.

Ribbed for her pleasure? I think not.

End of pseudo-rant.

tearaway tearaway
26-30, F
12 Responses Mar 8, 2009

everything must go!

Em's married to a redneck...<br />
she was selling used car parts off the lawn :)

I hope she got a good price for the gems. ;)

hah emerald's mind is clear cuz she just had a mind yard sale

Oh cool. Ta Lilt. Meditating... well, I don't at the moment. But when I did it would be in a supta bara tadasana (or something that sounds like that). Reclining cobbler, I think. You could probably look up a picture with a 1000-word value, or I could just say you put the soles of your feet together, support your knees and back so you're comfy and then kind of lean back with open palms, and you might be satisfied with the thirty or so words there.

Tearaway....Emerald<br />
Emerald.....Tearaway<br />
<br />
Two of my favorite EPrincesses together!<br />
<br />
Em, when you are meditating, what position do you use?

The group just kind of made me laugh and I wanted to write a story. Ummm. Emerald. Maybe your mind isn't cluttered enough. It's a good thing! I bet you're better than me at meditation!

well, my mind must be blank, cause I just don't get this! :O

I have a lot of yard sales in my mind too.

Ever had toxic waste in a bun?

Ever had a McRib?

I never had a yard sale that wasn't in my head.