Chasing Pavements

Have you ever stood before the mirror and talked to your reflection as if it was another person? Some of the best conversations I have are with my reflection and I almost always end up answering many questions I have about my life. I frequently stand in front of the mirror and the conversation will go something like this:

Me: You’re not this.

My Reflection: But you’re also not that.

Me: And, that’s okay because I don’t really want to be that. I just want to be this.

See the problem is solved just like that, or I will flip a coin; not because I am letting fate decide my life decisions for me but because I know when the coin leaves my hand that I am wishing that it will land on one or the other more than the opposite. That is my decision right there; long before that coin hits the floor I know what I am going to do. For these reasons I almost never have concerns solving problems because most my life I have used these techniques to determine which path I will walk when I can’t make that decision outright. But what happens when these things are no longer clear? What happens when the “what if’s” take over and your mind is filled with “what if this?” "What if that” over and over and that is all your mind can manage to think? Tonight I am having one of those conversations with my reflection that has no answer, and it may never be answered.  Sometimes the journey is toward no destination and we are stuck chasing pavements. 


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5 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Hmmmm...I don't look at the mirror but the questions keep popping.

I loved this little insight as to how you do this.....I am a thinker but I can just mull over the same darn things over and over till it makes me dizzy. Maybe I need to have a talk with myself now and then in the mirror and see if that helps. I hope you find answers to your questions fg...hugs
I also love this song......thanks for sharing.....

I toss the coin sometimes but I always second guess myself.

thank you,......