I'm Tired Of Hearing "Sorry, I think of you as a friend."

I hate being rejected in general, but this particular excuse really ****** me off. I swear every freaking time I ask a girl out, that's the response I get. And I'm well aware this is her way of trying to "let me down easy", but I'd like an actual reason instead of some stupid excuse.

And if I seem angry, it's because a girl rejected me with that very same excuse just two hours ago. So yes, I am angry at the moment. I didn't go off on her or anything, but I did tell her it's best if we stop being friends... because quite frankly, I'm interested in dating; not some half arsed friendship with a girl that isn't even going to give me a decent rejection.

I honestly don't know why she wouldn't want to date me either. We're both single, we both have a lot in common, we're both atheist, we both love cats, and we got along rather well. She has even said stuff like "you're a cute sleeper", so I honestly thought she was interested.

I freaking hate being rejected... especially since I never get a decent reason. -.-
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Look on the bright side, you got a response.

Some of us just get ignored.

story of my life.....togetter with "I see you as a brother"...YUK!

dude i know how you feel