Me Too

I always have to be the responsible one.  I have several siblings, one older and several younger.  I had to be the one to push my older brother to do simplet things like go to school or these days to spend time with his kids and never to forget to take time out for them.  I am the one that worked my butt off to make sure my sister gets the care she needs.  I am the one that has to take charge to make sure my other sister gets ready for her baby that is coming.  Maybe it is just because they are used to me always being bossy and expect me to take control and live their live but dayum it I wish someone would give me just one day not to be the one that has to make the tough decisions.

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

mum is always in hospital so i have o do everything and i am only 15, i have to do all the house-work, put up with abuse and do all the animals, i just cant keep going, so i am here if u want to chat.

I know exactly how you feel

Come ..... come Fg.... if not thou then who...

thank god for you tho!