The "Old Soul"

I've been told my whole life that i was an "old soul". To this day I don't really understand what exactly that means or if its a compliment. From what i understand it means that your reliable and responsible, you can be counted on to take care of those who can't take care of themselves, give good advice and be trusted to always make good decisions. I suppose those are all very good characteristics. Being trustworthy is never bad, however, it also seems to mean that the only exciting stories you have are either of the stupidity of those around you or the misfortune you've lived through DUE to the stupidity of others.

I've never related to people my own age. I hoped that that would change as I got older but it seems as though i'm still a few steps ahead in many ways. I'm not even really comfortable around people my age-i generally have nothing in common with them. Most want to go drink and go to clubs but those things dont interest me. My aunt even told me that when i was little i was more interested in talking to my aunts then my cousins.

I'm not sure how i got this way. Conversations with people my age usually just bore me, with a few exceptions. Sometimes i wish i could just go out and be reckless and act without thinking of the consequences or analyzing every actions but it seems impossible!

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I get the same thing-- an "old soul", and not surprisingly, I also feel the exact same. I just cant relate to most people my age, and even since I was really young I preferred visiting with my parents to hanging out with other kids. I think its because I was taught with some pretty strict, old school values. I've almost strived NOT to be like the silly kids my age, partying and posting stupid stuff on Facebook and starting senseless drama with other girls. Perhaps it's not a terrible thing, but I always get this bad label as being the "overly-responsible buzzkill who doesn't like to have fun." Or at least that's how I feel. In any case, I really am just sick of it.

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and i also have always craved the control. My biggest thing is i've been the survivor... and dammit sometimes i'm so sick of the responsibility and the surviving and i just want to say F* it and go for something crazy!