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There have always been those who are inclined to hide, inclined to lie in order to counterfeit something missing within their character and this doesn't just happen on EP - it happens in the real world alot too. Of course the problem with lies and deceptions is that you end up having to remember which one you told to whom and when caught naked in a baldfaced lie - or when your deception is revealed, the shame and the humiliation are yours to cherish. As members of the Crimson Guard, we can't tolerate this for it goes against the very grain of the Fellowship. We expose the lies and the deceptions, the only time deception is ever endorsed is in times of war for everything is fair on that field. We cut off a newly aspiring deceiver recently and were reminded of everything we have spent a lifetime fighting against: those qualities that corrupt the virtues of humanity rather than promoting them.
TheCrimsonGuard TheCrimsonGuard 31-35, M Jan 23, 2013

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