My Twin Sister

my twin sister seemed never to have to pay for
sins, shes torn my mothers house down she put my mother in a nursing home
cleaned out her bank account , its endless what shes done and so far shes not gone to
jail . things has happend this passed week some good things
some bad things some healing . last friday my books came in . then
i got a call from my mothers nurse ,telling me my mother is mentally well ,and
they went to court to get my mothers gardinship over turned , my twin sister had
taken every thing from my mother took over her house and then torn it down, its a long story.
well my mother this passed april went to her house , last year i told my mothers nurse
becareful taking my mom near her old house the house was torn down by my sister . well it gets
worse my sister hasnt payed the taxes on the place in years and nearly lost the house . its got a
seven thousand dollar lean on it so my moms nurse was trying to get every thing fixed . shes realy taking
care of my mother . so now my twin sisters fussing evey time she has to mow the land she wont shut up
about all shes done no one will lift a hand to help her poor little me . well i went to the court house and
got the deed for the nurse and other papers , that my twin sister wouldnt let any one have . well now karens
losing the property .but what i am happy about is i also found my oldest sister . so i dont know what
wiill happen to my twin sister shes done so much cleaned out my mothers bank account
i bet she wouldnt even get punished . shes fordged paper work on me and my older sister . her life is full of deciption
and i have to cut ties with my twin . its like cain and able . i dont want to even be around her i dont trust her
and thats not saying all that shes done to me when i got married she tryed to cause me and my husband a
divorce . shes so distructive shes like a train wreck . so ive got to put space inbetween her and i
my older sister has disowned her my mother is just livid with her .
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she knows how to '' work '' or minulapate everyone shes so full of games <br />
it drives me nuts. thanks sneakyfox she belives all she does is good .

She is does these horrible things to people with out any conscious or care of what she has done, and thinks she is a good Christian, well she claims to be Catholic. She does not go to church but just assumes she is somehow better than other people. She is completely full of false pride and hubris.

Very sick and depraved..she sounds like my "sister, who has just basically stabbed me and my husband in the back in the worst way you can imagine!! ( read my story "We were wrong Accused of not Feeding our Son"). Sometimes family is truely your worst enemy! And she believes she is a "good" person!

its sick and its sad

you are right on the money with that one

well everybodies different some people just can't handle it and it makes then almost pathological

i went threw the same way <br />
some things i didnt choose like her

again i'm not sure how much she chose her path and how much it was chosen for her

yes it can , but my twin sister has been like this all her life and its effected her badly, i do think shes bitter and sad. but shes choosen her path . i ve choosen my path as well . she copes diffrently . <br />
tilick your so wise more than you know . i always enjoy your coments becalse they come from your heart <br />
i dont hate my sister i dearly love her but i know she needs a lot of help . i just wished in some way i could help her . thanks for your coments

well to be fair i do think there are some who are abandoned to nursing homes because their kids are too busy to bother with them <br />
<br />
but i also now see some other reasons why <br />
<br />
i don't know about your sister being abused can take its toll on a person in different ways

I feel the same way about people in nursing homes . some people feel poor old one no one comes to see them , well i know it must be harsh how i feel that those in nursing homes that have no one to come see them there are reasions like being a abusive parent why no one comes see them . i do agree with you . my mothers been in a nursing home sents she was 52 nearly 15 years . i havent seen mine for nearly 2 years till last weeken . but i belive both my sister and my mother are reeping <br />
what they both sew .

well honestly i think it is poetic justice in the abcence of any other kind i now look upon nursing homes the same way when i consider what my own mother did to me then the choices she made that landed her in one <br />
<br />
so maybe i'm the wrong person to ask

Yes I think some of the stuff is for pay back from out child hood being abused but shes done so much to me as well . and shes always guilt tripping me for leaving home at 16 , she got married and was pregnant , then that december i couldnt handle all the abuse from mom and dad so i lefted <br />
home at 16 too that december . but i didnt do any thing to hurt my sister shes tryed to break up my marrage . i know my sisters in alot of pain but shes going to get put in jail for all shes done . i know my mothers abused us so did my father but does that make it right for my twin sister to steal all my mothers money in the bank and break the law tarring down my mohters hosue with he rconcent . they both are wrong for what they both have done but sometimes you have to hold your self accountable for doing wrong . you do have a good point thanks for pointing that out . you have helped me understand why she did what she did . thanks for that tulick.

well what i meant was it sounds like your sister was doing all that stuff as payback for something your mother did to her

yeah big time my mother ever sees her its gona be bad <br />
mom had a bad temper she alsmot shot my dad when he was alive she pulled<br />
a gun on him . i cant think what she will do to my twin sister thanks for your coment <br />

sounds like payback to me ;)