Me and my ex went out for 3 years. My first and only boyfriend that i have had. No matter what i do i just cant seem to get over him. We are still seeing each other but not together. I tried not to speak to him for months but i just cant :( people always tell me we look good together and that we just match. Its so hard for me. I even went to this medium she even said we could be soulmates. I live in a small place and he lives 3 mins away from me. So much memories. Not much people in here i mean everyone knows each other kinda thing. I am leaving next month to study for 2 months away from here.. Away from him. I dont know what will happen. I am scared that i might miss him too much and not be able to move on :( i dont know what to do.. He is a good guy but i think its the wrong time for both of us. I just want to get over him.. I dont know where to start..
eyeris2195 eyeris2195
22-25, F
Sep 1, 2014