I am entirely too tired. My body aches but my mind hurts the most. I'm tired of feeling like a burden. I'm tired of hearing her talk all the time about insignificant things. She worries about everything yet nothing is alright. I'm tired. I'm tired of having a mother who feels like she does not have anything in life. I"m tired of having a mother who compensates by making me feel like nothing all day long. I'm so tired. I'm so lonely. Nothing makes sense. My self confidence is an all time low. I don't know anymore. It's a sad blank life for me. An uncertain future awaits me and I'm tired.
Confusedsadlonely Confusedsadlonely
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Your post really affected me . It sounds like your mothers behavior is having profound affect on you to the point where it's emotionally draining . Have you considered seeing a councler for help with this issue?

Hi, thanks for reading. I really appreciate the fact that at least someone actually reads these things I write. To answer your question, no, I have never sought help for my feelings. I simply write them out and sometimes that helps. The pain I feel comes and goes, but when it's really overwhelming, I come on here and I try my best to let everything out.