I Have A Problem Saying No

I'm way too nice.  I'm always there for anyone.  I can never say No.  I thought that was a good thing but now i'm realizing that i'm being taken for granted and no one is looking out for me.  Now it's my turn.  I'm tired of being the one everyone turns to.  I don't have anyone I can turn to.  My husband takes me for granted and expects me to wait on him hand and foot, what is this...1940. He doesn't compromise for nothing.  Isn't a marriage suppose to be 50/50?
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

God has given us free will, we are free to give, we are free to take, we are free to love, we are free to hate. If you are a giver, you will be loved, if you are a taker, you will be hated. Fortunately for everyone around you, you cannot change who you are. Never pity yourself, Be proud of yourself for being who you are. Generosity is a gift that is given freely with no expectations, and those expectations can make us feel taken for granted.