Took Me Awhile To Realise This

Being thorough is a trait that's more asset than fault. So I haven't held back. Except now I realise that you can overindulge it. If you're too thorough, then you don't get enough done. You spend time and energy on details that really don't matter. And then don't have it for the things that do because you're worn out. Or don't even get to it in time to improve it.

I do this a lot. It's even at the root of some procratination: putting it off because instead of just doing as good a job as needs to be done, I'm trying to do as good a job as possible. Which is a lot more work. So I put it off until I find the time for that. But not everything needs that level of detail. And that's what i've finally realised. That not all tasks are equal. Yeah, sometime i need to double check everything, but in other cases I need to just pull it all together. Or double check one thing and leave the rest. If it's a problem it will come up. Or maybe that's schedualed as the next step in the project and it's too early to be indexing, or organising or whatever. Point is, not every task needs to be taken from start to finish by me. Sometimes it's wiser to finish it only halfway, because that's all you needed. And then move onto the next phase of the project and don't worry about it.

Sometimes it's just easier to perfect an extreme than it is to find your balance.
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@jp5040: yes! Glad I'm not the only one. Or, failing that, glad it made sense. lol