Helping Orphan Children

It is true that all of  us are not blessed equally in all terms and therefore it becomes our social responsibility to help those who need them.There are many who fall in this category.Some have valid reasons and some do not.Reasons helps to justify our situation but where there is no visible reason it really becomes a hard situation for the person who is going through it and for other to understand it.

For me life is an opportunity to help others.An Orphan is  someone who has no visible reason for his condition.Even we dont know why somebody is orphan.What Next! Big question.What an orphan thinks when he realizes that he has no one to build his future,no one understand him,no one to protect him,no one to groom him..I am really touched with this condition.Although i am rational and there are many hypothetical reasons but i feel that i can help them.Therefore, i am helping orphan children in all the ways i can.There is many orphanages  and i came across this through my colleague.I found it genuine and registered so initially i contributed some amount because at present they are in need of a home  and for that they require some support.Then i realized to run a campaign in my organization to get help..i have found some people to support.Currently i am in the process of getting big help from my organization .I have prepared the file full of legal documents.let see what happens!

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It's great that you're trying to help people who need it! I hope you'll do your best at this! I think if such people as you were more world would be better! <br />
Good Luck!

Thanks. Good luck too.