Trying Hard!

Before jarid left for sea I told myself i would not cry or let him see that im so upset that hes gone. I wanted to make it easy for him. Which i hope i did but I'm about to pop! I want to scream and cry! I miss him so much! When he was at his base I knew he was ok i knew if i wanted to see him all i had to do was get a flight and bam I'd be in his arms and i was fine with that. But now hes out to see and its driving me nuts that i know it will be months till i get to see him. I got my first phone call last nite and i was nothing but smile even though we couldnt hear each other very well and we had to keep repeating it was great hearing his voice. The voice that i miss so much. But once we hung up all i could do was cry. I litarlly felt like my heart was breaking! My sister came in once she heard me get quite and she sat down with me and let me cry. Shes so sweet and supportive of my marraige to Jarid. i love her to death and i'm glad i have her to keep me busy while jarid is gone. i play with our dogs every day and i love to see them search for their daddy when i ask wheres jarid or go crazy when a picture of him is up on the computer. I'm trying to stay strong and not let him see but its getting hard for me to keep my head high....

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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

My boyfriend isn't overseas yet he is in Washington, he just finished AIT. I am new to this we were 7th grade bf and gf, i know its cheesy, lol and we just found each other again. But i am determinded to stay strong. I wish I could just fly there and see him but I have a 7 month old baby and I am starting back to school. So it feels like he is overseas, i know that sounds stupid, even though i talk to him every day, thats what keeps me going. I wish i could talk to some of my friends about this but they just dont understand. I feel like a pain when i do it. so if you need anyone to talk to i am here for you :)