Earlier today my wife had this very amazing, wild, sex session and we were both sharing our most current fantasies as we touched ourselves/each other.

Well my wife started telling that she's been having this fantasy of being shared among some of my close friends, one of them being my uncle. He's young, early 30's.

As she was explaining to me her fantasy she was getting so horny by just sharing and touching her self.

We eventually role played about it and I told her to share anything and everything that she was feeling at the moment or going through her mind.

She kept telling me that she really wants me to set up a date and invite my uncle for drinks over our place and once she's a bit buzzed that she would go to the restrooms while I ask my uncle if he's interested in having a ********* or sexually pleasing my wife.

She even said that the thought of me sharing images or videos of her to him gets her really horny.

So I might go for it. I trust them both.
Lizek Lizek
26-30, M
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That's is so hot

Very hot. You should start with sharing pics of your wife with your uncle. Your wife should pose and help with which pictures to send to him. Then, have him over for drinks / dinner and see what happens, rather than trying to "force" something. Your wife could say she had been shopping and had some new things. You say she should model them for you and your uncle. She then starts with whatever clothes, whether new or not, and gradually works to sexier more revealing things, and then lingerie... She can be as bashful / embarrassed as she wants but your encouraging her will bring her around... Good fun for all of you even if nothing else happens...

Thanks for the great advise. We already made it happen. It wasn't planned it just happened. Very awesome experience

Great! she is a real beauty with a fabulously sexy bod! ;)