Love My 'skin!

I love having a foreskin.
It keeps it warm in the cold and rolls back so easily when needed.
The woman I recently split up with was amazed that I had a foreskin as it was the first time she had ever been with a guy who had one.
She had been married 3 times and lived with another guy and known 2 others intimately before me so she had seen a lot of ****.
Not one of them had a foreskin until me.
She was a bit daunted at first but quite got used to it and in the end it became her thing to roll it right back and get her tongue on my **** right where it is the most sensitive.

Yes my foreskin was often spoken about and all 3 of her sons she had circumcised, at birth more or less.. My son was not cut when young but had his foreskin 'harden up'.
It lost it's elasticity and he could not pull it back.
He had to have an operation and all his foreskin was removed.
34 stitches and it was not a pretty sight!
kered44 kered44
70+, M
Dec 12, 2012