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I Am Not Going To Apologise For My Unpredictability

somedays we are happy, other days we are sad;
sometimes we want to be alone, other times we need company
some moments we want to share, other moments we prefer privacy

we were never meant to be consistent as beings,
only those around us look for consistency to understand us

i say lets stay unpredictable - no explanation needed
moonshine101 moonshine101 36-40, M 6 Responses Jul 12, 2012

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Well this makes me feel better. My Husband says I am as unpredictable as you can get lol :o)

Because I like to provoke thought, that swings my curve around just a bit. Sometimes more than some can deal with. No one can really put a finger on anyone. Just read the line as it swings to the top and call that an average. ba<x>se you figuring on that. That is as consistent as it ever gets.

Yellow Submarine!!!

Lovin' it!

I think we all have predictably unpredictable times.... :D It's all good.... :)

I love this! Thanks for sharing it and for your comment :) xoxo