Car Windows

Recently I have been very emotional. and hyper. very hyper. while riding in the car, i have developed the tendency to roll down the car window and shout unpredictable things at people...such as "at dawn, we ride!" or "your socks are untied." also when i see elderly people, children, or someone who looks like they've had a rough day, I yell at them "smile!" or "you're beautiful!" or "have a nice day!" it is fun to see people look at you funny after you shout at them from your car.
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Hehehe sounds fun! I used to do that too, once I was in a wheelchair in Germany because I can't walk superlong distances and then I was at the side of a road, every time a car went by I stood up and danced hahaha! xD One time I also was sitting in a wheelchair and some people came by and I stood up and said: "Ich bin geheild!!!" which means I'm healed in german, what I didn't see is that she had trouble walking, else I wouldn't have done it but still, it was funny xD. Those are just a few of the crazy things I did in highschool hahaha. Yeah went to Germany with school for a week.

You're so cool lol