hey all ! ... this is important and big.
can i have a small time of yours, just little.. few minutes..

i sign up here around a year back to share my story with people and i did. i expected people will help me out from my heart broken stage and yes to maximum extend people helped, thanks a lot... then i began reading other peoples stories. i read many. i tried to help but i realized its very big. its not possible to help all. people are still in state of suicidal feeling. some has broken heart, some are abused, some just don't want to live, some have depression, some are just waiting for help,..

i want to help them all but its never gonna happen with me alone. so, i want to make a group, a big, huge, 24 x 7 open group and i need people over here to join me.. i alone can not do anything but together we can make the difference. lets give a try to help people live again...

we didn't save ourselves from heartbreak, and honestly we had no proper support to overcome our broken hearts but now lets turn the table, lets save others.
i need Males, females, elders, teens, youth, children, everyone to join me.
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26-30, M
Jul 22, 2014