Choose to Be Aware

I'am glad there's more concern for what's not being said in the media today. I learned at a young age, that it does pay to be observant. I remember my grandad use to say make sure we know what's going on around us because anything is likely to go on. Now I'm not paranoid or anything, it's just what he said is very true. I believe strongly that the media uses any and everything to take the focus off what is needed to be reported.  I feel like if your not a celebrity then you don't have chance and the media seems thrilled to sell cheap drama. they  should be aware of how many soldiers die everyday(give a accurate number not an estimate) but no they rather talk about where to bury anna nicole smith or yet should michael jackson start another singing career. I mean please, this has nothing to do with the world being in a crisis state, people are losing thier jobs at an alarming rate, there are more companies closing down that employ over 5,000 people. Children are taking weapons to school even a pre-schooler was found with a pocket knife in his bookbag while cleaning out his bookbag at his desk. His parents didn't even know he had it. I do want to say I found this out when I went to a parent meeting and no it did not make it to the news. So then I begin to wonder how many times has an incident like this occur not just where I live but everywhere around the world. I see this as an issue for concern.  People say that you can blow things out of proportion but we are living in a world now that children feel it's okay to carry weapons to school and the only way to deal with their  enemies or anyone they don't like is kill or be killed. So I say once again that this is just one out of a thousand or more issues that the media doesn't want people to be aware or observant of,  so I say it is up to people to choose to be aware.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2007

We live in interesting times... If you think about it, 100 years ago 'fresh' news was a newspaper that had been printed a week prior, and talking about things that might themselves have taken a few weeks to come to the attention of the editor. Nowadays, especially with the internet, it is possible to follow events as they unfold live. But so much happens at any given moment, so how do you report this information. Worse yet, there is no doubt that much of it is just noise. So how do you decide, and who decides. The plurality of media is supposed to be the guarantor that different interest groups will find different sources to match their personal interest. Unfortunately, this idea does not work well with economies of scale. In order to be viable, a media outlet needs to have circulation, or audience. Chasing both is almost invariably synonymous for making compromises. The larger the outlet, the more sanitized its contents. Personally I believe this is the same principle that killed gourmet eating in this country: because of its large scale targeting, McDonalds cannot be anything but a compromise on mediocrity. They say <i>'we have the media we deserve'</i>. I think at a large scale, this country suffers from ADD, and the media today is just reflecting this fact. At the individual level this is very unfortunately for the people like you who seem to want to be treated more like responsible adults, rather than be fed the 15 seconds 'this is how you should feel today... this is what should outrage you, this is what should make you happy'.. On the same note, I am absolutely amazed at the poor informational contents of Bush's speeches. Much of what he says is targeted at your abdomen, seeking to manipulate your emotions, rather than at your head, trying to make you an informed citizen.