Invitation (wake Up Chant II)

Invitation (Wake Up Chant II)

Surely, by tomorrow
I will not remember,
but you will,
if it was me or you
the one inviting
the other one of us

More probably none of those
and had been you
inviting yourself to me
You know what you own

And that is your way
to make me feel
there is something
that is only mine
which is tied to your life,
bonded to your heart

Then, as may be the same,
let me be the one who,
let me invite you
to what, to were
you don't need invitation

Here comes my proposal
for today,
what I'll ask you
one more time
always new, always the same:

Wear, please,
your older T-shirt,
your older jeans,
those which knows you
almost as much as I do

Jump to my shoulders
and get a ride
and make a travel
to the places we know,
by the paths to discover

Sing, please, for me
while I walk,
both at loud and in whisper,
and both
the old knew songs,
the new songs
you want me to know

And I'll make for you
a deep voice companion
a second voice without words
like a well known instrument
you play by singing
embracing your music
with the bold delay of echo,
each time, each note

Laugh, please,
while I walk
and I'll never be tired,
that's your spell,
that's your magic

Lift one arm
and point your hand
to where stars should be
and they will shine
as ever, as never,
one by one

And stars will answer
when you call each one
their silent pulsating names

Your body, then,
having put the universe on fire
will give needed response
with your own fire and pulse
And I'll feel you move and melt
Over my shoulders,
around my head

And not like the lights
your shine will not be silent
and instead of your name
you will say mine,
once more and another
You know but you don't care
that magic will rock you
and stars will lullaby
till you sleep while I walk,
sleep upon my shoulders
your arms around my neck
your head resting on mine
carrying you back home


Qwarl Ibn Abdo L'Zagal
(unknown & also unwise old philosopher, circa1061 AD through Today)

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very beautiful . . . thank you for sharing . . . :)