Just A Love Thought...

Wrapped in your words.
Caressed by your touch.
Being so near, yet so far
Makes me feel so much.

I long for your gaze.
I yearn for your touch
Dancing together
Feeling oh so much!

I feel your love
Your body on mine
Wrapped in soft sheets
Feeling divine...

How long must I wait
For your love that is mine?
Moments, mouths linger...
Months...Is just time...

For we belong together
Your love is like mine true
I love you so dearly,
This is me loving you.

Forget the distance
Forget the water and miles
Together one day
Then see the smiles!

The moment we met
I knew it was you
Making this work
Nothing else will do!

I crave you. You. You.

(Just whipped this up,
thinking on you. What
wonder is this? I love
loving you! Cyn xxxxx)

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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

i cannot add to this ..i have no words..my heart beats..this is the truth...i love you xxxxxxooooo

Breathtaking , This is truly a poem of love.