Any guy or "girl" (note: guys posing as girls , you're SOOO easy to spot by REAL girls) who sends me an unsolicited sex related message will be blocked. Promptly.
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Good girl

Here you will find lots of girls the would and flirt will you and ask you about your sexual life if you notice majority of girls here are Bi-Sexual.

Haha yeah. I'm bi but girls don't usually go around asking random people about their sexual lives. We'd rather get to know s lite about someone first. We don't get horny like a switch button. It's a gradual thing. So that's one of the first telltale signs ...
I usually ask them trick questions that only a woman would know the answer to.

a little about **

The sounds very interesting. Do you mine if I ask some tips? lol

Haha not in public of course :)

I can't send you a message cause of your privacy settings, but if you don't mind me asking you can you send me a message.

On second thoughts. ..No. Your "experiences" indicate that you are probably also one of those fake girls . You have female ep experiences.

Wait I never said I was a girl, I just wanted to learn how girls see us man . And I thought your experiences with other man the wanted to act like girls where like, just get some tips .

No but you're a guy on your profile and yet you have female experiences. It's a little odd. So you may also have another girl profile or something where you pose as a woman and now you're asking for tips to learn to be more convincing. One of your experiences is :I'm a girl and I Like being a girl

Another one is : I am a cougar

Another: I am a fit voluptuous woman

Seems a little suspicious...

That's because I'm also bi sexual lol

Doesn't explain why you claim to be a girl. A gay guy will want a guy , not a girl so it STILL doesn't make any sense.

How can I explain it, by me being part of a group call "I'm a Cougar" I mite be lucky and find me one lol

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