Birthday? Really?

     So you are haveing a birthday,sie?  Well, I am going to sing this in my really screwed up voice.  Be glad you can't really hear it.

     Happy Birthday to you,
     Happy Birthday to you,

     Happy Birthday dear sie,

     Happy Birthday to you.

     May you live a thousand years,

     May you drink ten thousand beers,

     Get plastered you Bastard,

     Happy Birthday to you.

     I love ya, kid.  **SMOOCH and HUGS**  .......... with my dangly bits tied down for safty  lol ..........

mewold mewold
66-70, M
4 Responses May 4, 2012

Sylphy, when I get excited, I can break chains with my teeth. Ha, ha, ha.

*chains and padlocks those dangly bits*<br />
More safety... x p

Lolololol. Sie, I love how you seem to always start my day with a laugh. Your hubbens has a real treasure. He better not forget it. I'm too old for the race, but there are others out there who would run straight to you if you weren't so happy. Love ya, sie.

Awww......making you laugh is fun for me too!! :D You always find my smiles too!! ♥

Awwww. this TOTALLY ROCKED!! Thanks so much and just know this "plastered lil bastard loves the puddin right out of you!!♥ ♥ ♥ Untie them bits too!! Life is too dang short for a strangle hold on the good stuff! :D