Do you feel the same as I do when I wake up and I see myself in the mirror and go, you look pretty good, bad, tired, ugly, refreshed, energized today? There are good days for me as well as bad. I find myself, in the days of late, waking up to not feeling so bad about myself. I am not sure why.....but will keep the good feeling for now :-) But I do wonder how others see me. Do you see confidence? scared kitty cat? Mean, over spoken b***h? I wish sometimes that there was sign over everyone's head that spoke the words you thought when I walk by......what would it say? Geeze that could get some of you in trouble and some of you smacked I am sure. I guess I will just go about my life and not be bothered.....I will instead, be me and know that that is good enough :-) join me and my life or get out!
MegJgeM MegJgeM
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Its easy to be curious about how others see us, but I think you're right that we should not be bothered and just live life instead :) Besides, if you start considering what little most people know about us, and the fact that everyone has their own filters on what they see in life and other people as well, the opinion of others starts to matter less and less.

thanks Kylie :-)