Leaving The House

I can't know that I am leaving the house without staring into a mirror for quite a few minutes thinking, "what will the average person I see when I go out today think of me? How I look? What I'm wearing?" I can't leave the house without considering what every single person I see on the street is thinking about me when they glance at me. Maybe they aren't thinking anything at all, but maybe they're thinking something terrible or judging me or calling me names in their minds. I just try to dress in a normal way, and I try to blend in.
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Thanks for the advice, but I simply care too much of other people's minds to go to that extreme. @_@

hey girl, you are not alone. i feel the EXACT same way. i'm seeing someone regularly about it. And i'm guessing that you already know that it doesnt help when people reassure you. Any compliment you get or any boost to your ego is only momentarily comforting. Then, after a split second, the worrying about how other people perceive you is back. From what i've learned in therapy, the answer is actually counterintuitive. Instead of trying to blend in and trying to put effort into being what everyone else expects you to be, PURPOSELY go around being what you are afraid to be. Be the person that you think other people wouldn't approve of. Don't do your hair and makeup and walk around and see what happens. It sounds scary, but if you do it several times you'll realize that no one really cares. And you will start to feel better because you won't have to worry so much anymore. try it =]