For My Freaking Soul Mate :/

I don't usually like to vent, or complain, or express any sort of negative emotion. Negative vibes suck right? And I always sort of felt like venting on the internet was something only overweight goth girls with daddy issues wanting attention did. But here I am, with a nagging urge to tell strangers my problem.

I woke up on Wednesday morning to find my husband violently convulsing. He wasn't shivering, or shaking, or trembling, he was having seizure-like convulsions. Panic set in. An ambulance ride later, we discovered that he had a kidney infection which had penetrated his blood stream, apparently causing an astronomical fever, deathly low blood pressure and, by extension, convulsions. Apparently this is a condition that can kill people.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. But ****. My partner of ten years, my first crush, my first kiss, my best friend all the way from middle school, and perhaps most importantly my World of Warcraft arena partner, might have died. He didn't, but he suffered a ton.

He's currently mostly bored, but the infection, and the treatment, and possibly the hospital food(everything comes in lukewarm goop form) has taken a visible toll on him. God oh God ugh whhhhhhyyyyyyyyy :(
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