Southern Self-love

Nothing replaces the loss of a mother.

The only solace I have is the warmth of your arms.

I run to you with my tears.

When life does its best to swallow me whole.

I fight.

I'm strong.

I'm a warrior.

inside my scars remain...

the remnants of this battle

remain becoming a tattoo on my heart

I wear them with pride.

the  battle of prejudice

of stereo-typical displacement

of discrimination

despite a lack of finance

I thrive. 

I achieve.

I survive.

My resources are plentifl.

I have  hope, intelligence and determination.

I thirst for more than I have today

and my heart is open.

My mind is open.

My will is not deterred by the surrounding of hatred.

I am a survivor.

Southern even,

I'm a survivor.

ichooselife ichooselife
36-40, F
3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I can't think of a better way to lose. Either way I win hahahaha *Big Ms. Celie Smile*

Thank you luv. I'm living just enough for the city and giving the rest to myself. The pain may never go away...but that is okay. Its exactly what pushes me.<br />
<br />
Iza..... Girl, you know its true. Ooo Ooo Ooo I love you!

You not only survive dear friend, you flourish, you blossom, you shine! Even the brightest of starts needs a private place to shed and express their hurt from time to time. I am always here for you. xox