Ignorant Folks

im so annoyed of ignorant remarks everyone has to make everywhere you go. OBVI we get the situation...do you really have to place your negative input? we have enough of that. when you speak actually say something! not bitxh, complain, or down someone else. when you despise another its only a mirror of yourself & life. stand out & stop trying to fit in like everyone else..be yourself. we have enough 'haters' and people who copy each other as it is.
i cant even have normal conversations or questions because then here comes the negative ignorant person....& then the people who follow applaud them like a god.
so annoyed to the point where i will tell you off. being rude and disrespectful isnt funny neither is it sarcasm get a better hobby.
the next thing that comes out of your mouth better be some intelligent mark twain sht!
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

you are right. haters mostly heat themselves