I Like Touching

Ive always like touching people not sexual or anything like that. I like touching the people i love.
Like hugging til we sleep, laying on their chest, or sitting on their lap. I adore the warm presence of a body insanely.
This doesnt even have to be a guy...it could anyone im comfortable with
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

i love cuddle and watching movies :)

i feel the same way..:))
I am a Hug guy...i don't shake hands....i hug instead...

when i get comfortable with people i like to be all over them!

thats the sign that you like to be around your loved ones..:))

yeah its the way i show love.

I work with a lot of foreigners and the first thing they usually notice is how we brazilians are "touching people" hahah they feel strange cause most of us usually are hugging and kissing our co workers all the time :D it's funny but I like being a "touching person" too!