I Am The God Of My World

So I have this theory that I am the god of this world. I came to it by many means, to many to say. I precieve this world as I see it, therefore I have the ability to change the way I see it and thus change reality and everything in this world. I also know that this world begins with me and it ends with me; it started when I was born, or became self aware, and it ends when I either decide or I die. If I was to become bored enough or frustrated enough with this world then I could change it as I see fit. So if all of this were true, that would in turn make me the god of this world. That being said, you are the god of your own world but are not connected to mine. The best way to explain that is to say that everyone in this and every other world are own their own wavelengths yet our consciousness is able to tap into that of everyone else's on a frequency called the morphogenetic field. It is in this field that our worlds come together, but since I live and see through my own field, I can change it and reshape it to my liking; as can you. But as I said before, you are on a different wavelength and thus do not exist in my world as another god, but only as a creation of my imagination.

Also, as I said before, this world began with me. so if that were true then this world actually began 17 years ago and everything that "was" before that time never happened, or at least not in reality. When I became aware, this world began and everything that was before was just a back-story I created to make this world more interesting.

I hope all of this makes sense. but long story short, I am the God of this world.
Ambergon Ambergon
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012