Has Anyone Ever Had Improvement In Dry Macular Degeneration?

Has anyone ever had improvement in dry macular degeneration? If so, how?
Has anyone ever tried Tens (electric magnetic treatment)?
How about stem cell?    Any information would be appreciated.
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Research Into The Experience Of Living With Macular Degeneration


My name is Ahsan and I am a masters student. I am studing Design practicle subject and in that we have to come up with a product for a Challenge and my challange is Macular degeneration.

The major asspect of our work is to understand what goes through the life of a person having AMD. What they feel, what are their needs and what they think is missing in their life after having this challenge. What are the things they want in there daily routine which can decrease there hurdels and problems that they face. As our motif is to put person first and not look at him / her as a patient and then to come up with some thing which they really need to cope up with this problem in particular with a view to improving persons experience..

We are hoping to conduct some research in collaboration with patients to improve communication between health care professionals and patients as well as family memebers & friends.

We would like to know if you have any innovative ideas for improving the way that health care professionals or family memebers / friend communicate with you (i.e. explain your diagnosis, give you information about treatments for your condition, or give you information to look at in your own time).

Kind regards,

Ahsan Mansoor Pirzada.