How Could I Have Been So Stupid. ....

Wow, here goes..this will be long for it is a 2 year ordeal..I'm basically writting about it because I'm embarassed some reason i feel if i air it out I'll feel better..:/ idk..anyways i met a guy online, mind you i wasn't looking he actually hounded me in the same forum for weeks so i added him as a friend..obviously we hit it 1st we shared thi gs about ourselves the normal **** then it gets weird when it came to what for a living we did his response very hard to believe he told me he was a rapper in a group called "orishas" of course i didn't believe him anybody could grab pics off the net and claim to be someone famous but yet i still spoke because he was funny, ..then he told me he loved me (after just 5 days:/) i ask for a pic of him he gives me a pic i ask for a more personal pic he gets angry and pissed saying he shouldn't have to prove anything to me, i start to feel bad i didn't want to hurt his feelings so i drop it, the whole picture ordeal* at this point I've been chatting with him a lot i start to develop feelings for him that cloud my's were the story begins..we decide to meet in person , i pack my bags waiting very excited at the same time I'm waitng he's texting me back saying how excited he was and how close he was and counting down the miles..then his tects change..i get a text saying he can't drive any further because his ex wife had found out about me and threatened to take the kids if he continued to drive to pick me up..naturally i understand but then i start to think..who the **** would drive all the way to va from fl all night only to turn around and go home over a threat? Lol not only that he could of still dropped by to just say hello i mean he did drive from fl to va why waste a trip?:/ so there i sit looking like a major fuckn fool bags packed shoes on hair done the whole nine, i really thought that a famous guy wanted to meet me..pfft fuckn fool me..back to the story i tell hin i think he's lying about everything and i didn't want to further the relationship he convinces me he was telling the truth and another 6 months goes by same **** texting and enjoying forum life...its been a yr and i notice something weird, a whole yr and i never spoke on the phobe with him not once so i ask .......*logical reason number 56327895* ( holy **** I'm such a fuckn mindless idiot)....he says he speaks horible english and i wouldn't understand him...i believe him...( stupid *****, i know) thinks progres things digress, we fight, we dimiss each other we welcome back each other for another yr..smh..then by year 2 by the grace of god, i wise up and tell guy i think he's full of ****, and i didn't want anything to do with uis mental ***...he texts me he's going to kill himself..of course i don't believe his ***'s the funnies..he texts me saying he took a whole bunch of pills and his response..yea right don't text me then he starts his spew sayings he blacking out and shaking can't feel his legs, (i laugh) then the texts i think hmm maybe he did kill himself then i went back to watching phone vibrates and its his number...a wave of disappointment comes over me:/ but its not him texting me its so.eone claiming to be his brother lmao he texting saying I'm lucky he found him in time how I'm a horrible ***** for breaking his heart, he goes on and on for like 5 mins then i text why are texting me while ur brother is unconcious shouldn't u get him Some help? Lol i mean i know he is acting lime his brother so i cobtinue to feed his crazy all the while reminding him that he needed to call 911 cuz he's brother ( that is him) is dying lol..texts stop for 2 hrs his number pops up again and guess who survived:0 him (yay) and he's home telling me he's getting ready for a date....(hold up.....) didn't u just say you got out of the hospital just now for a suicide attemp and the realeased u even though there is a mandatory 36 hr hold for patients who attemped to suicide and now ur goibg on a date? Cool have fun don't text me i change my number..after a few days i get online back to the same forum i met him and I'm instantly pissed..there's about 3 or 4 topics dedicated to me by him trashing my name telling all my bussiness everything i ever told him hlah blah hlah i delete my profile..i don't have to read it. .its fine let him vent..then i check my email its flooded with his pathetic attempts to make me angry enough to text him my new number. .it works. .i give him a piece of my mind then block his number he texts me 53 times in the course of 10 mins, i can see his number up but i can't see his texts..I'm curious though so i disale the app to see what he talkn bout and within secs i get a text saying he had a psychologis friend look at my texts and she's diagnosed me as a pathelogical liar lmmfaooooo i block his *** again print out the death threats abd everything take them to the police station and filled out a reason fir sharing- if i end up dead atleast someone would know my story...the truth
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P.s- i am aware how big of an idiot that i look like, i get it i heat myself up about it at all times, but i will not let him get the satisfaction of embarrasing me anymore...i will do it myself:')