I made a bet with a friend that if he won the board game id wear makeup but if I won he had to do crazy dances but I lost.Help me! Does anybody know a way I can get him back. Please.
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Draw on him with sharpie in his sleep

Good idea but he is a lite sleeper I'll try tommorow night to do it because I'll make him really tired. thanks

Or you can paint his nails in his sleep. He wouldn't be able to feel it... my , om n did that to my brothers and hid all the nail polish remover

I could also put makeup on him too

Yes... give him a full makeover... nails, makeup, and a sharpie tattoo... but make sure to take pictures as blackmail

I'll try


He has the tattoo

What is it?

A unicorn

It was dark so I tried my best

He almost woke up tho but after his football game he'll be too tired then I could finish him off.muahahaha

What did you draw?

A unicorn

Ohmygod! I kinda maybe have a huge obsession with unicorns

What he doesn't know is that I can make my voice high and he gets freaked out

Lol so what are you gonna do?

Don't worry if u do I can keep a secret

Oh I do... it's not exactly a secret


I'll talk in the high voice and while he's asleep and make him think of being a girl. Lol


I thinked it worked hopefully but I'll make a scary picture and put it next to him he'll be screaming

Omg! Lol...

I made him take the test is he male or female he is more male than me. Omg I'm gonna scream

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