Yes I Hate Change. ...

yes i hate change. i am one of those people who has to have everything in place and has to have a routine. i would be so lost in my school if i had block schedule because i cant stand change. and it is so wierd because when something changes i never notice it right away but when i do notice it that is when i have problems. like i didnt even realize my brother had moved out because i had been staying with my friends alot whne he did and i was hardly ever home. but when i satyed for a couple of days at my house and i realized that he wasnt there i got kinda mad because my mom said that she doesnt want me to move out until i get a job but he moved and he doesnt have a job and he quit school. and that ha sbugged me ever sense because i never know when he is gonna be here. and now i am really edgy because he is the person who keeps me in line and he is always on my case when hes here. and i had to make a mager change when i realized that he was moved out. because now i have to keep my self out of trouble which i mean im pretty good at doing that but it is really hard when i dont have some one here to tell me when to hold my tongue and when its ok and what im supposed to do but i gotta give him credit for staying here as long as he did. but now i am just really quiet so i dont say something at the wrong time and i just stay really to myself. but i have a big problem when people change things and sometimes i get really mad when some one changes something that i even just see every once in a while because its like it sets everything off balance every where. like just the other day my teacher re-arranged her class room and i got mad and walked out because i couldnt concentrate. and i had to sit in the hallway and i am still not used to the newly arranged desks.
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thanx. i have actually changed so much since i wrote this, i am practically the opposite of what i was then.<br />
i pretty much have to have change. monotony doesnt work so well for me<br />
best wishes to you as well. =+]

awwwww bless you hunnie x