I Think I Make Alot Bad Decesi...

i think i make alot bad decesions and am worried about my soul
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18-21, M
2 Responses May 24, 2007

humans make mistake<br />
its not like you are 65 or something or a mafia leader, right?<br />
you have your whole life ( if your age group written aint fake) to correct the mistake you have made<br />
make up for it<br />
things will sort out only if you try to do so

mistakes can make you feel weak and shaky sometimes but once you overcome them, you'll feel a lot stronger and wiser.<br />
we all make bad decisions, we all regret things at some point in our lives but if we can only find the strength in ourselves to make the best of what we have now then things are bound to get better soon.<br />
good luck!