The Best Policy

Figured I would give this a shot. I would say this is a recent experience, but it is not. It happened a few month's ago. I am kind of getting over it. Just distracting myself. Anyway enough of that.

When it comes to relationships honesty is the best policy. Seems like common knowledge right? Well not for me, till I discovered how much pain dishonesty causes. My experience, I had the perfect female for me. Sweet, funny, liked anime, and cute. For 3 years I gave her a boyfriend. Problem is that I never admitted to it. Once every couple of months she would do her damndest to get me to own up to it. However, I let fear get in the way and I never did. I was shocked and surprised that she left me for another so willing to own up to the title. She left me, well she didn't after all I never was with her officially. Now I am alone again and miserable.

So the moral of the story is. Be honest, do not let happiness or being content cloud your mind. Because if you do, you will lose the one You want and love to nothing more than a silly title.
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Yall are so lame, i've been depressed for 3 yrs and wish i could change it and i thougth it was all my fault but its mine for letting me get affected by it. No one want's to hear about your problems and if they do its just to make themselves feel better. I kinda did that and it worked to well cause you guys are pathetci instead of whinning about it get out there and change it

XD Well seeing as how this was over a year ago. I have actually gone out and made some changes. I know what you are saying though. Venting does help, sometimes we need to be heard.

yea i can tell it kinda sounded mean and i meant it in an encouraging way not a you suck way, just kinda a kick in that pants and i've done this to a couple of stories and got a postive response so don't think im just yellin at you but i'd like to here more about those changes. Were they big? Did things get better? you know the works

Nice to see you as well Bambi. Yes I confessed my feelings to her a long time ago. Her rejection is what sent me back to the other forum. I was into her a lot. Just a small bit of fear kept me from being with her. Now she is away from me. Using me as an emotional tampon from time to time. I deserve much worse.<br />
<br />
I guess another lesson I learned is actions do not speak louder than words. Words are the end all be all when it comes to relationships.

Hey FM glad you jumped in with your first story. We all learn from each other so it is great to be reminded of how fear and such can rob you of the very thing you feared losing.<br />
I dumped a guy for the very same reason, he just refused to call me his girlfriend and he was basically living at my place. <br />
To me it indicated that he really deep down was not into me. Do you think maybe that could be your case as well and a sense of loneliness is clouding you seeing this truth? The other thing I wondered about that guy was did he have issues committing, like was he making sure nothing better came along?<br />
And finally have you told her of how you feel now......I mean really laid your thoughts and heart out there? Just a thought and one never knows.<br />
Nice to see you hear and drop me a message anytime, Love ya B