Easy Come, Easy Go

A few months ago, I was traveling to a nearby state, about four hours from my home, With my husband.  There's a rest stop on the way, and we stopped. I was in the restroom washing my hands, when I looked up and saw a letter which read, "Waiting For A Miracle."  It stated how the two elderly people that are sitting out on the picnic tables, were waiting for a miracle. They had something different about them that was so endearing to me, which set them apart from other people, that I truly believed them. I am not one to fall for the lines that  we all  have heard from pan handlers at gas stations, and other places. They weren't asking for money, but of course wouldn't  decline the offer. They were asking for blankets, clothes, dog food, people food, basically anything that folks could give would be  greatly appreciated. There was a short note explaining their circumstances. They were the people who have the bus in the parking lot.. We're talking busted down school bus. I decided to go and talk with them.

I approached the two, by holding out my hand, to the older man who reminded me of Santa Clause. He was holding the "Waiting For A Miracle" sign. The other hand was in his jacket. I remember feeling his hand when I shook it. It was riddled with arthritis, and rough, not to mention freezing cold. I did the same to his wife and introduced myself, then she told me their story.  I could see the pain in both their faces, as she recounted the details. The poor man has ******** of his manhood and dignity. They lived in another state, and their home had burned to the ground, with everything  in it.. The old shepherd mix-dog lying on the floor next to them, had saved their lives by barking loudly, and then finding the back door knob. He turned the knob and opened the door with his teeth, which got enough smoke out of their home so they could see where they needed to go. He saved their lives.

The bus they were living in was donated to them by a neighborhood church, and they were so grateful for it.  They used whatever funds they had left, to make it operational.  They were given an opportunity to work on a relatives dairy farm, in Texas. If only they could get there in that heap of a bus. Still, they were grateful.  As I stood there talking with these people, the more I believed their story was authentic. Also in that time, no one stopped to help. Not even handing out a measly dollar. These people were elderly, and kind, who needed help in the most urgent way.  Every cent went into repairing the junk heap that doubled as a motel for them, still...no one gave. They were talking about how their faith was what kept them going everyday. People heard them talk to me, sticking their nose in to hear about their struggle, but still, no one gave.

I remember the purpose of my trip.  It was my birthday, and I like to gamble, so we went . We were headed to a well known place for gambling, but not Las Vegas.  My husband surprises me sometimes, with a bunch of scratcher tickets to keep me happy and busy. Usually, I get a couple dollars. I find them fun.  As luck would have it,, this time, I won a hundred dollars on one ticket, which has never happened before. I also won around fifty dollars with the other tickets I had.. We had some food, water, blankets and pillows to give to these fine people.  We gave them all the items I had just mentioned.  They were so incredibly thankful that they became very emotional. I knew I could go one better. I went back to the truck and got my scratchers, along with a few dollars I had on me. I took the elderly mans hand and explained the tickets to him..  He had never played the scratchers before, so I was told, and I believed him. Not just for the way he talked, but for their deep religious beliefs.  When it comes down to being stuck out in the middle of the desert, or finding a store to cash in some scratchers to keep your head above water, he chose the scratchers.

I can't express how great it felt to give to a perfect stranger, the bare essentials that we had to give.  If I had more I would've given more. There are too many people out there who don't give a crap about others in need.   Caring only about the cars they drive or the brands of  clothes they wear. Why do people turn away when their eyes meet those people who have nothing. Those who are sitting on the off ramps of freeways. Those people standing in the rain, holding signs begging us for help. Yes, I know that not all of them use the money given to them for the reasons we think they should use it for. Food, shelter and so on.  The phrases, "He's probably making more money than I am," or "He/She is just going to get high off that money," I have heard, and yes, I have said in my lifetime.  But I have to say that if I were in their shoes, and I am thankful I'm not, but  if I were,I would hope someone would help me. Listen people, most people  head to Starbucks first thing in the morning, or some time during the day for their six dollar coffee.  If we can shovel that crap down our throats, then why cant we find the justification to give a few bucks to a stranger. Or if a stranger claims they're hungry, take the fifteen minutes to get them something to eat. We need to stop being so selfish, and start giving.

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Dear ruadhs,<br />
I know in my heart that everyone has the capacity for opening their heart, and have the ability to think with that heart beating in their chest, and the soul that has to ache when they see someone in need. I don't understand why so many people think with their wallets. They seem to never think that they were once needy as a child, and someone gave to their needs, making THEM feel safe and warm. If others could just feel what it is like to give, freely, the rewards to their souls returns ten fold.<br />
Thanks again,<br />

Thank You for your comment on my story. I appreciate your kind words, and I agree about guardian angels. Somehow, the urge to help those two wonderful people meant more to me than anything. I love to help and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

My Kindest Friend,<br />
Thank you so much for your words. You know, that's exactly what I meant when I wrote this. You get me so well! I treasure your comments, they mean the world to me!<br />

That was very well said, my friend. What a wonderful thing you did! I always say, don't judge a book by its cover, and don't stereotype. We never know when the broke down old man or the starving person on the street is going to be Jesus, testing us. And so many people don't stop to put themselves in someone else's shoes. If people cared more about others like they should, the world would be a better place. Bad things happen to good people. It's people like you who make it better. I'm so glad you are my friend.