Smiles In Her Voice

 I was listening to a local radio station this past weekend. It's a program that people can call in and talk about anything or ask questions. Well, a woman called in asking about an older song, which the announcer knew right away and told her. A few minutes later, another older sounding woman called in and said when that first woman called in, the song she was inquiring about reminded her of another song. She proceeded to give the title she thought it might be, and even some of the lyrics, but she couldn't remember the artist. Well, the announcer did not recognize the song and said if there are any listeners out there that might be able to help, to please call in.

 Well, I decided to google the title she thought it was, and she was right. The lyrics she remembered were pretty much right on also. And there was the artists names. I called in and gave the info. The announcer relaid the info. The woman called back and was very happy that someone found her answer. She was so happy and thankfull that she sounded like there were smiles in her voice. She said I made her day. That made me feel good, and it put a smile on my face.

 Have you put a smile on someones face by a random act of kindness recently? Maybe we all should.

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4 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Thank you, but it's part of my nature.....I do hold the door for others all of the time and other things like that. The nice thing is I've seen my children do that also, just not that often, but it's still nice.

Not for me, but I feel that many of us have forgotten what's like to help for no reason other than to help.

There are things we take for granted which can really help others, like Google... and Microsoft Excel!<br />
<br />
This guy at work rose up to his current position from practically nothing and he had very few training in using the computer. What's great about him is that he's an eager and fast learner.<br />
<br />
He'd ask for help with the spreadsheet and light up like a young boy whenever he gets it right on his own. He's one of the many reasons I see the meaning behind, "It's my pleasure."

It's lovely that your wife used to ring into the radio so much Mitch. Us old people who can't remember song lyrics really appreciate people like her.