I ask God to heal it. God then ask why he should heal it. And I said because I wanted it healed. God then ask if I was sure I really wanted this healed. I told God that I did want this healed. God then said he would heal it but it would cost me. I then ask what was the cost. God then said I had to give up what I wanted most in life. I then ask God was he sure he would do this healing. God said he would and now is the time. Then I ask God how would I know the healing had taken place. God then said that when it speaks then it has has been healed. I then ask God if he was really going to do this healing. God then said he would do this healing and that it will speak when the healing is completed. I then ask God to show me what it was going to cost me. God then said for the healing to take place I had to refrain from contact unless contacted. And I had to give up all hope of what I want more than life itself. With tears running down my eyes and a lump in my throat I made a deal with God today. Let the healing begin.
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I made a deal with God once but it was not a deep as this.

This was for a very special friend.

I drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway found a remote spot and hiked into the woods, found a rock to sit on, and my conversation with God. I was pretty mad at him. I wanted to know "why"
The answer "you weren't listening"

Blue Ridge Parkway is beautiful. Yes, God will say that at times too. He is so loving to us. And we ignore him. I am ignoring him on an issue right now. He knows why though.

We all have our pain. Stories may be different but pain is pain. But within that pain is a gift in ****** wrapping paper. Sometimes it takes years to find the gift. Maybe it's an insight to something that makes you stronger or allows you to recognize and truly help someone in need one day. Who knows? Eventually you will find it.
Won't ease the trauma of the memories but will help make a bit of sense out of it.

You understand!!!!!! Yes, that is how I do it too and I have been to hell and back more times than I can count. There is always a lesson to learn in even the worse trauma. It all can be used for the good.

((hugs)) We will all be healed when willing. That is the beginning.

God will take care of this one. Hugs to you too. I had to give my price and it is worth it.

I guess we are the lucky people who are aware of their moments, shortcomings and values. Every step we take is towards being a better person. And that is what makes one a good person. You are a good person.

Thank you. I only know that I have flaws and I trust in God to help me with those. Some things I can't do on my own but I do know God will take care of what I can't.

You have values too, the most important thing is to give love. Trust God and Trust yourself to overcome shortcomings. We all have those. We are only human and can't be perfect. As I said, the best we can do is to try to become better for us and for others.

And I am Gods little girl. He gives me favors when I ask him. And this is a big one. Love is the only thing that matters on this earth.

:) Be well my friend.

see how precious and awsome you are

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for me I don't pray for specific healings, but to have the Lord to give others or me the strength to handle whatever ails them or me, and peace of mind

In this case a healing is needed. There is no other way.

your writings are always so meanful and wonderful love reading themyou are a very intelligent lady

Thank you. This was a conversation I had with God a few days ago. God is my best friend.

you mean I am not number one in your life...........awww.......I need a hug.

(((((((HUGS)))))))) You know I love you. You are a good friend to me. But God is my best friend above all others.

Well, if I am second to God, I guess that 's not so bad.......
I don't want him getting jealous.......:)

You know I care about you.

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