I MADE this decision to help my depression, those who kept voicing their opinion today please keep your mouth shut. I know this may not be the best thing for my life, I know I will be living somewhere where I shouldn't be but if it makes me happy then I'm fine with it. You shouldn't say "your ruining you life" because it's not your life it's mine. Maybe my living situation won't be the best, maybe who I will be around won't be the best for me but I need to do what I need to. I don't care to leave a few friends behind, even though leaving my parents and the baby will be the hardest thing ever did I just need to move on with life. I'm quitting the fire department as well, switching schools (maybe homeschooled), and everything but I'll be happy. Yes it won't be easy but at least I won't be thinking about harming myself :)
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You have to travel the pathway you feel is right for you, it is up to no body else, they are not living your life. I wish you all the best in what you have chosen to do, you are very brave,,,god speed......

Exactly! I know sometimes won't work out but I know my depression will go away. It isn't the "ideal life" but I just need to move up there. I'm not brave but I know everything will be okay, and if it's not I always have others I can live with.

You may not be happy when it happens , I will not give my opinion but I just want you to be aware of something , you might be facing something hard something where you completely desperate but remember if you allow such a thing to push to the point where you abandon those around even those you say you love and even your child , then you've lost , and your allowing what is happening to control you , push you down , as your giving into weakness , into what you think is easy ,but there is what is easy and what is right , and here you have the choice to do what is right ,which is so thing not many people are given the opportunity to do.So what will you choose?

He's not exactly my baby, I raise him but he's my adopted brother but I get to adopt him once I'm 18. I know it's what I need to do in order to be happy, I know I won't always be happy up there because they are a lot of fighting but it's better then having to deal with depression here. I need to be with my friends and brother, plus I'll have it made up there and no rules :) I know I shouldn't do it because I have to leave my parents and the baby but I'll be happy for the most part. I'll be okay though!

If your parents are the ones causing you to leave ,it's ok , as long as you know you'll get your brother back soon and your not abandoning anyone (such as any close friends), then it's ok ,just make sure you truly know and understand what your doing ,and also good luck then.

No my parents aren't the reason for me leaving, it was my choice. My parents don't want me to but they know they don't have a choice. I put my brother first his whole life it's just time for me to live my life without worrying about him right now, after all I'm only 16 I need to be a teen and not having to be a teen mom which my family treats me as. I know it's not the best decision to move but heck I'll be happy. I am abandoning my friends but I'll always make new friends. I will come back and visit every now and then so it'll be okay though. I know they are going to be fighting, I'll have to deal with druggies, I know I'll be living also with my brother friends and a house full of people, and I won't have my own bedroom but it's for the best :)

If that's your choice then I have nothing left to say , but for whatever happens I hope you really know what your doing.

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