Enough Was Enough

It was the beginning of 2006 when i ran across an old boyfriend that i dated from my Junior HS till my Junior yr of HS. He entered into my life supposedly as a changed person..he found his self. Yea right..he turned out to be the same jerk he was when we were dating. Every time i would even try to get away, just get rid of his *** again, he would say something to me that always changed my mind. He always knew exactly how to play with my heart strings and convince me that i was making the wrong decision. I let this go on till mid summer, i was depressed, crying all the time, my kids hated him to the point that we just didn't talk at all. They hated me for letting him keep doing what he was doing.  He emotionally hurt me that i went into depression. Then i just snapped,thinking what the hell was i doing..not to just me..but my 3 boys. I turned my happy home into one where my kids didn't want to live here anymore. So, that is when i decided, enough was enough, so I Made A Difference...and he is no longer apart me or my boys life. it took us some time to get back on track of things. But now..my boys & I are as one again.
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Go you !!! you did the right thing for you and your kids. Takes alot of guts to do something like that

Just let go.......... Time heal where reason cannot. Instead of dwelling on it, do something extra-extra ordinary on your life. Like things were epople don't wanna try or overcome the fear. Proven so by me, Since Sept 07- I ran 8 Half Marathon already and I'm looking forward to my first Full Marathon in Disneyworld Jan 13 2008. Talk to you soon

Well that guy sounds like an.. A HOLE .. Well at least you wised up and did what you had to do.

It is always excellent to realize the value of yourself as a person and to rise above a bad circumstance, especially one from which you find it so difficult to extricate yourself.

awesome story!! I am a Mother and am glad that you stood up and took control of the situation! Good for you!Peace,J