All Over A Bathroom Pass...

I asked the teacher if I could go to the restroom and she gave me a bathroom pass and so off I went.  They are in the form of necklaces so I just wore it over my neck and when I came back to class, the teacher asked me for it back.  I tried to take it off but it won't come off. 

Then I realized I had my hood on so I took my hood off and then tried to pull it off again and again, but it wouldn't come off.
So next thing I know I'm fumbling around like an annoyed cat trying to get it off but I couldn't get that stupid bathroom pass off.  Then I started getting mad because I was standing in front of the class like a major dork trying to untangle it from my head but only kept making it worse and I could see that people in class were starting to snicker and laugh at me and that same teacher who witnessed me fall into a trash can before also broke into laughter and turned her back on me so I wouldn't see.

It didn't even occur to me to maybe take off my sweater and try to untangle it from there until five minutes later and after I had already made quite a show in front of the whole class with me fumbling with that stupid bathroom pass over my head.

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I think we have them in England but we have them at primary school, High school you're just given a piece of laminated paper with bathroom pass written on.. <br />
Cool we're not far off from eachother aha, <br />
This reminds me of the other day when i went to the shop and they asked me for my money as i were paying and i couldn't find my purse in my bag and there was a massive que behind me.. <br />
It took me like 3 minutes to find it :L <br />
i was embaressed

That's a shame :(

You are aware I was wearing something underneath, right? XD

I'm sure the boys would have liked you taking your sweater off :)

Yeah. XD

No, i mean that's his name xD

It's one of the guys from the cartoon. xD

Rolf? xD

Gah, Nora says that (ROFL) and it rubbed off on me when I used to make fun of it, haha. I mainly thought of it as that one guy from Ed, Ed, and Eddy. That Rofl guy. XD

walking back into the classroom<br />
"Oh, sorry I have to go, I'm in class. Talk to you later!"

I wonder if some dogs bark like that... rofl rofl rofl!

*Rolls on the floor laughing even harder*

<br />
<br />

Weird passes? I was once given an old style telephone o.O<br />
<br />
...needless to say, I walked down the hall having an enlightening conversation with myself xD

awww I know what you mean..<br />
<br />
teachers @ my school have such weird passes -__-<br />
<br />
I wish they would tell me if they don't want me to go tinkle and I'll wait until after class


It did. O.O

The title of this story made me think something else xD<br />
<br />
How?? It would have to wrap itself around it or something??

It was tangled up in my hood. I think I probably removed my hood a couple of times on my way to the restroom so the pass got tangled up in it after a while.

Hehe! How was it so hard to take off?<br />
I mean how was it tangled?<br />
<br />
Oh gosh! I think I've laughed myself out this past day and a half! Maybe after I've had some sleep...