I Was....

I got close to someone. I mean really close to. Someone who I confided in a Lot of things. Someone who I had let into my real life, givin her my house number, my address and everything. Someone who I let close to me, and in the end, I just got stabbed in the heart, and the back all at the same time. I didn't even see it coming. so many people warned me about her, but did I believe them? NO. I was too stupid, and believed that she wouldn't do that to me, but boy was I wrong, and I ended up paying big time for it. I Loved her very much, and in the end, it just ended up hurting me more than anyhting had ina  Long time. Since than I have no trusted anyone with my heart, or my love to that extent. It was a hard lesson, now its so hard to believe anyone, when they tell me, they won't hurt me, or leave me. Or anything like that. Its not that I don't want to, its just that I am scared to get hurt again, and I am scared to feel the way I did, when that happened to me. I don't want to feel that terrible, that raw, that broken, and in disbelief again. So in order to not feel that way, I have to keep walls up around my heart, its hard for me to even let anyone in to that extent, if I am close to them, and trust them.

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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

NO first fool is not a fool so just give som1 a chance she might not behav like dat but ist u must no e person for long