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So my boss tells me he needs to send a gift to someone yesterday and then another today. I'm not working in my regular office so I can't just come and go as I please anymore. I had to go to the old place to set up phones and change the recording and such and picked up the cash for the first one. He gave me an empty box and $40 and said fill it with chocolate. OMG was that fun! I even got the witches discount and still spent all of it! I emptied the bags into the box, added the note and taped it shut. I made sure FedEx picked it up close to 5 and delivered it first thing in the morning so no sun or heat exposure to melt it all. I confirmed delivery this morning and called over only to get a very excited "Sue" who said I made every ones day. HA the boss got NO credit but it went to a good group of ppl.

Okay that's not the basket I made but it was fun... so part two was something for a birthday and he wanted it to be yummy. Every where I called or looked on line said no guarantee delivery for Saturday. I gave up and bought a basket and some colorful tissue paper. I stuffed the bottom of the basket to give it height and then ran the tissue paper through my shredder. I covered the paper and took a dozen brownies that I ordered from a near by restaurant and, after individually wrapping them all, arranged them in the basket. I then surrounded it all with Hershey kisses and added a home made card. Covered the entire thing, build a box around it and set up FedEx. He'll get it tomorrow just in time for his birthday and my boss will be happy too!

I love making them and try to do so for gifts... I may have found my calling huh... nnnaaaaa

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OMG those brownies are the bomb! Huge and full of chocolate cihps that melt in your mouth!